Sowing advice and maintenance of wild meadow and wild field mixtures

It is not unknown to game managers that by taking biotope improving measures a structural improvement of the habitat of game can be obtained. A number of points are important in the construction and management of game pastures, such as:


A lot of attention must be paid to tillage for sowing wild pastures and game fields. The old sod must first be broken, this can be done by plowing under. By plowing, unwanted seeds are deeply housed and will no longer germinate. By working the soil with a cultivator or harrow, a fine and crumbly seed bed is created.

Sowing time

In principle, it is possible to sow in the months of March to May or August / September. Sowing later in autumn may mean that the young crop will not survive a harsh winter. The sowing depth is 1-2 cm.


It is important that wild pastures do not become woody. The lignification does not benefit the palatability of the mixture. Mowing the plot 1-2 times a year keeps the young crop interesting for wildlife. Wild fields with 1-year old varieties do not need to be mowed.