Tree seeds general information

PVM BV can supply you with the entire range of tree and shrub seeds from Dutch origins as well as origins from other countries of the world. We are affiliated with the ISF (International Seed Federation).

Some of these seeds are harvested by ourselves and processed into high-quality tree seeds with good germination and purity. In order to bridge the wrong harvest, larger quantities of seeds are harvested during mast years, which are processed in a special way and stored separately. This is done in our own freezer cells.

In our assortment list we have included the number of germinative seeds per kilogram for various types as an indication. The exact information about germination or vitality will be given in an offer as soon as it is known. Quality research of seeds such as; germination, vitality, purity, moisture content, thousand-grain weight and live germs per kilogram is carried out by an ISTA certified research station in Germany.

On special request we can supply you with seeds that are suitable for precision sowing. We can also stratify seeds for you.

Within the EU, the seeds of species that fall under the Forestry Directive are supplied with a certificate of origin. These seeds can fall into the following forestry categories:

SI = Source Identified = Of known origin and may be native Dutch. (yellow label)

Sel. = Selected = Selected. (green label)

Qual. = Qualified = Approved. (pink label)

Test. = Tested = Tested. (blue label)

The supervision and control of the issuing of certificates of origin rests with Nak Tuinbouw.