Pelgrum Vink Materialen BV (PVM BV) is a trading company that harvests and supplies seeds for nature-landscape management, public green spaces, agriculture and tree nurseries.

You can also contact PVM for materials for the green sector and forest landscape construction.

PVM BV was founded in 1989 and expanded into the current company by Gerard Pelgrum and Johan Vink. When Gerard Pelgrum indicated that he wanted to stop due to reaching retirement age, his son Gerwen took over in 2018 “baton”. Gerwen has been working within the company since 2005.

The company has started to focus on supplying four product groups, namely.

Wild flower-herb mixture, grass seeds and agricultural seeds:
Flora-wild flower mixtures, bee-butterfly-field border mixtures, herb-rich grassland-field bird mixtures, organic seeds, wild meadow-wild field mixture, and seeds for the agricultural sector.

Tree seeds: Deciduous and coniferous wood seeds from both Dutch and foreign origins.

Forest and landscaping materials: Personal protective equipment, hand tools, sign boards, fencing materials, drainage and tree aeration items, game repellants and tree chestnut posts.

Christmas trees: Specialized in the supply of the better quality Christmas trees such as Nordmannia, Nobilis and Christmas greenery.

Grass, wild flower seeds and wild field mixes
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Gerwen Pelgrum 0316-566118

Tree seeds
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Johan Vink 0316-566112
Gerwen Pelgrum 0316-566118

Materials for forestry and landscaping and Christmas trees
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Gerwen Pelgrum 0316-566118