PVM has a special EPR verge mixture for the control of oak processionary caterpillar.

The oak processionary caterpillar has been an increasing nuisance in recent years, almost every green manager has to deal with this. It is also expected that the pest pressure will only increase in the coming years.

Various methods have been used in recent years to reduce nuisance.

Ecological control by sowing flower mixture in roadsides are often easy to achieve and are relatively cheap.

We have developed a special mixture with butterfly and lace-cap plants that attract the natural enemies of the oak procession caterpillar, such as parasitic wasps, predatory bugs, lacewings and ladybugs. The insects that come to the flowers also attract birds, such as the great tit, which in turn eat the caterpillars of the oak processionary caterpillar. By sowing this mixture you increase the biodiversity in the berm and the berm becomes more colorful. The mixture reaches a height of 50 to 70 cm and is therefore extremely suitable for roadsides.

PVM Verge mixture 1A (order no. 915.576) has been specially developed for ecological control of the oak processionary caterpillar.