PVM Annual field edge mixture field birds no. 4

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  • Bestelnummer: 915.514
  • Minimum order quantity 1 kg
  • Zaaiadvies: 25 - 30 kg per ha

Starting point: Interesting vegetation for field birds. Target species: Field birds, mice (dwarf mouse), insectivorous birds and birds of prey. Mixture: This is an annual mixture with annual plant species that bloom profusely. It provides food and shelter for small animals (mice and birds) and is also interesting for birds of prey. Mixture targets food plants that provide seeds and nectar. Mixture must be re-sown every year. Soil: Moderately nutrient-rich soil. Height: Medium to tall vegetation. Management: Plow and re-sow in March. Composition: 3% Fodder radish, 11% Sunflower, 3% Yellow mustard, 20% Poppy, 11% Barley, 10% Cornflower, 11% Oats, 20% Phacelia, 11% Rye.

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