Duckbill root ball anchor type 4, trunk diameter 40 cm

€ 149.00 per stuk Prijzen zijn excl. BTW en excl. verzendkosten ( De verpak-verzendkosten per pakket tot 25 kg zijn € 15.00)
  • Bestelnummer: 906.220

An anchoring is often necessary for newly planted trees. With the Duckbill system you have the option of realizing an underground root ball anchoring. Duckbill consists of ground anchors that are driven into the ground with a float. then the steel cable connected to it is pulled, causing the ground anchor to tilt and its hook resistance to work. For root anchoring, the cables are guided over a wooden framework and pulled by a tension ratchet. Duckbill comes in a package that contains all components to secure the tree. Only a float has to be purchased once.

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